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Fresh whole chickens averaging 3.5-4lb each at approx. $6.25/lb.


We process our chickens on-farm as an NCDA registered poultry-exempt operator. Our chickens are raised outside in the fresh air and sunshine where they can scratch and forage to their hearts content. We keep our chickens either within a large movable fenced area or within mobile "chicken tractors" that are regularly moved over fresh grass. We provide them with the highest quality, local, natural, certified non-GMO feed. 


As a courtesy we are offering to custom process one of every 2 whole chickens ordered at no extra cost! Add a note at checkout to customize your order from the options below:



2 bone-in split breasts with wings attached, and 2 leg quarters


8 pieces

2 wings, 2 breasts (specify bone-in or boneless/skinless), 2 drumsticks, and 2 thighs



butterflied whole chicken with backbone removed

Whole Chicken - custom cut options and best value!

SKU: 0001
  • You will receive a follow up email setting your delivery time within a 2 hour block. If you are home and would like to say hello we can meet you at the door or if you won't be home or are busy, no worries just leave a cooler with ice on the porch or other location and we'll drop it off.
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