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Greetings from our homestead in Middlesex, NC!

This all began several years ago when we asked God to give us passion for whatever His will may be for our family. We loved the idea of owning land, working it with our own hands, raising kids to do the same, and establishing the legacy of a sustainable homestead that is a blessing to family and the local community.

We have a big family, and everyone pitches in to make the homestead work. Monica is a home-schooling momma and a talented seamstress. David is an engineer and NC State grad that recently left his professional career to devote full-time focus and energy into our homestead.


The kids all have their unique giftings, interests, and chores on the farm- we've got bakers, artisans, engineers, veterinarians, gardeners, builders, and mechanics that get to learn academically then step outside and put it into practice! There is nothing quite like farm-living to teach kids (and even us adults) about actions, consequences, and some of life's hard lessons! 

We’ve raised heritage breed pigs and chickens on pasture out in the fresh air and sunlight for several years. We’ve processed meat for ourselves, our friends, our neighbors and our family as a hobby and have learned a lot along the way. Now we are following God’s calling to turn that hobby into our family business, offering custom processing of our chickens and pigs for direct-to-consumer sales, homestead and farm infrastructure projects and services, and custom handmade clothing! 

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