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Custom processing options for an estimated 100 lbs of pastured pork goodness! This is by far the best value if you want to fill your freezer. Our half hog unit pricing is $7 per pound and is being charged at an estimated 100 lb hanging weight. We will adjust with a refund or additional charge based on actual hanging weight at the time of processing (this should be a relatively small adjustment).


Our pork is processed at a local USDA inspected facility. Our pigs are raised outside on acres of pasture in the fresh air and sunshine where they can graze and root to their hearts content. We provide them with the highest quality, local, natural, certified non-GMO feed. 


We will work with you after ordering online to create your custom order sheet. Here is a summary of what is included in the price:


back ribs, spare ribs, tenderloin, pork loin and/or pork chops (boneless/bone-in), boston butt roast, picnic shoulder roast, smoked ham (half hams or steaks), smoked bacon (or keep as pork belly), leaf lard fat (unrendered), hock, shank, and lots of ground sausage


Bacon seasoning options (included in price): black pepper or plain

Ground sausage options (included in price): bulk ground, large links, small links

Sausage seasoning options (included in price): breakfast (mild/hot), italian (mild/hot), bratwurst


There are additional custom options that we can go over when coordinating the custom order sheet. Please note that finished packaged weight is less than hanging weight due to loss of excess fat and bones.

Half Hog Custom Processing

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